"It is said that it is more important to find the right therapist rather than the right treatment modality, and this certainly rings true with Leslee.

Informed by Core Energetics' wholistic and much needed understanding of the psyche's own healing capacity, Leslee treated me above all as a suffering human being capable of gaining insight and growing, rather than as a defective brain computer that required repressant medication.

Guided by her many years of experience, and her profound capacity to unjudgementally hold space for your most difficult memories, her compassionate insight "cured" me of the notion that there was something "wrong" with me, and allowed me to confront Self in the most authentic and challenging manner possible. This is a gift that cannot be quantified, and I am grateful for sharing my "journey" with her as she prefers to call it, rather than "treatment" or the myriad ways we stigmatise the soul's cry for help."

Andrej T

"Leslee came into my life when I really needed to start telling myself the truth about things. I was living my life from a place of old patterns and belief systems and she helped me challenge these and tackle them head on so that I could create room for the life changing outcomes that followed afterwards. Thank you so much for your support Leslee and for helping me become a better man and for learning to trust not only in myself but in what life has to offer too".

Toby ~ Tour Guide

"I’ve always felt safe and supported in my journey of healing, not only have I felt a range of unexpected emotions but I’ve gained a lot of insight about myself working with Leslee.

I definitely recommend Leslee in helping anyone with their healing journey. There’s been degrees of self acceptance, tears, hitting of pillows and even stomping! But also laughter and warmth as well.

She is also very accommodating with my work schedule for which I travel a lot. Skype sessions have been had in cars and under trees in the outback! Her flexibility with my environment and schedule makes this healing journey easier to do which can be difficult for a constant traveler".

Renee (30) ~ Nurse

"Leslee has offered me incredible help and amazing support in a very difficult time in my life. It was when I couldn’t get myself our of my own misery anymore when she was there for me and guided me step by step back to a better place. Since working with Leslee I have not just turned my life around but I have also learned so much about myself and grown as a person so that I can now face certain challenges in my life with a greater knowledge and therefor be more resilient. Leslee is very kind, understanding and empathetic and has always the best interest for you at heart. Even thought it was a very dark time in my life, I am very grateful that I have crossed paths with her."

Sylvia B ~ Producer

"Leslee’s work is amazing. She is a beautiful soul full of compassion and an extraordinary talent in her field of work. The sessions we did together completely changed my life and the way I do life. It helped me leave behind the things that no longer served me and step fully into myself and my power. It is life changing work facilitated by a loving talented person."

Sandra ~ Holistic Health Coach and Raw Food Chef

"Leslee is compassionately and skilfully guiding me on my own adventure. For the first time in my life, I am beginning to see myself as a valued member of society with things to offer. I had previously tried so hard to fit in and failed dismally. Now I am starting to feel better about myself and taking up opportunities I never would have in the past.

Sometimes the sessions have been challenging, but I have always felt that Leslee has managed to make me feel safe in spite of having my true self so exposed. Her gift in managing this has allowed me to begin moving forward again and feel better about myself than I have in a long time.

I encourage you to begin your own adventure."

Debbie ~ Teacher

"I found Leslee to be uncannily accurate in her ovservations! Her honesty was confronting at times - but that made my husband and I communicate better. I feel I can trust Leslee and in turn also be totally honest with her.

What once seemed insurmountable problems now no longer have the power over us that they once did. My relationship with my husband is getting back to what it once was and we are enjoying life together again."

Donna B ~ Yoga Teacher

"I have been to a few counselors previously that had ended with no positive outcomes, only negative ones. A close friend of mine suggested that I try Core Energetics. Eventually I arrived at Leslee's doorstep - somewhat cautious and somewhat skeptical at first.

From my previous experiences, I had little confidence on Leslee's ability to achieve any sort of positive outcome. But as I slowly got to know her, things changed.

I understood very little of what she was doing at first, and to be honest, I can't really say that I understand a great deal more now than I did then. But, what I do understand is results.

Leslee has gone down paths that nobody else has ever trodden with me, she has helped me to gain a very profound awareness and understanding of myself that I never had before.

These in turn have resulted in some of the most significantly positive changes in my life that I have ever experienced. These changes in turn have made a huge impact on my personal life and my overall level of happiness and for that, I will be forever grateful to Leslee."

Keith ~ Business owner

"Leslee is a delight to work with. While learning about myself through her observations and my self perception which she strongly facilitates, she brings the greatest sense of humour to her work. Even my most seemingly serious issue melts into lightheartedness and is warmed by Leslee's loving energetic embrace as I find myself laughing with her about mole hills I thought were mountains. She really is very funny! She will make you laugh, but more importantly, make you smile in a way that never goes away."

Raymond Chalouhe, 37yo, Inner west Sydney

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